New Equipment
Woods GHT72

3pt hitch
72" wide
tag #3870
price $3750

Multivator 1 Row

New Machine
has been hauled  around to Eq. shows
21" heads
FP model
price $5600
J & S Mulch Winder

3pt hitch
  Hydraulic drive
tag #4802
price $1400
Plastic Lifter

Lifter with Gauge wheels and optional center coulter
tag #4784
price $2100
Harvest Cart

Wheel tracks from 54" to 104" centers,
Pedal powered
Tag # 4596
Planet Jr. Seeders

Planet Jr. Seeders
Call for more info
Rustys Ag Equipment

1 row Veggie Till
has Lilliston spiders
3 pt hitch
2 row units available
Price: $3400
Tag #: 4550

Rusty's Ag Equipment

New Straw Demulcher
3pt hitch
Hyd Drive
Price: $3000
Tag #: 4432

Cole 12MX Planter

Good for
1 or 2 row

Woods Mowers

Mowers from 4'
to 20' wide

Redhead Bag Holders

 Quick release,
Will hold paper,
plastic, mesh.
Single head or
Three Head rotator

Under Cutter

54" wide cutter
used on Carrots and other
root crops
Price $2400

Box Dumper
25 bu capacity
Max 2000lbs
220v single phase
Price $4125

2 Way Belt

16"x16"x 10'
Feed In Tank

44" wide, 68" long,
40" deep
Vari speed
38" wide Belt
Price $2825

Barrel Washer
For Root crops
Vari -Speed
8'x30" barrel
Clear plastic barrel
Price $3800

Round Table

5' dia. 3 RPM
White Plastic Top
Price $870

Brusher Washer

Three sizes
16" 24" 32"
Shown with Absorber
Call for price

Greens Washer

24" wide x 10' long
Vari speed
Has been used as Hydro cooler
Clean water rinse on end
Price $3800

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